From Carrier-bag to Website


After a formal art education followed by years floundering in the turgid gloom of the stagnant art world I founded 'The Ding Dong Twist Club'at the beginning of the nineties. It has served it's purpose as a nihilistic celebration of the cultural renaissance and a vehicle for events, installations, performances, occasional publishing ventures (and now a website) ever since.

Formed 'The Ken Ardley Playboys' (the first of the Brit-Art crop of rock bands) in 1993 with fellow artist Bob Smith. The band have made a number of recordings and have achieved a certain amount of notoriety on both sides of the atlantic as a result.

Below is a partial CV gleaned from previous documents and memory but mainly from the carrier bags of invites, flyers, press releases,cuttings and abusive letters that are in my wardrobe.




Salon Des Refusals Acre Lane Gallery London '93

DING The Jam Factory london '93

Something's Wrong The Tannery London '94

Hit And Run The Sugar Beat Club London '94

The Glass Shelf Show ICA London'95

Fifty Quid Derbyshire Street Arts London '95

Hit And Run 4 The Arches London '96

Lost For Words London '96

The Glass Shelf Show ICA London '96

Big Blue London '97 - Berlin '97

Host The Tramshed Glasgow '9

Vauxhall Gardens Norwich Art Gallery '98

My Eye Hurts The Green Rooms Manchester '99

My Eye Hurts Thread Waxing Space New York '99

Din Amsterdam '99

Mondo Ikea Flag London '00

One Man Show

'Burnt - out and Crushed'

at From Space, Manchester April '00

Bono and Sting Inhabit Lowry's Living Room Manchester June '00

Century City Tate Modern London '01

Record Collection London, Manchester, Geneva '03

Politics and Shopping London '04

Chaim Soutine London '04

Retrospective 'History in the Making'

Metropole Folkestone January '05



Nosepaint London '94

Unpop Anthony Wilkinson Gallery london '94

Expose Yourself The Tannery London '94

Dangerous Pastries London '94

If Jesus Came To Your House Oval Theatre '95

Rehearsal For The Millenium London '96

Video Myths Bank London '96

Viper/Bank TV London '96

eBC, ICA London '98

Myth & Memory Clubland, London '00



Karaoke South London Gallery '95

Fete Worse Than Death Hoxton '95

Charge Of The Light Brigade Bank '95

Kunstlerpop Manchester '96

One Night Stands Norwich Gallery '97

Laurie Anderson's Meltdown Royal Festival Hall London '97

Don't Hate Sculpt Chisenhale Gallery London '97

Bring Your Own Walkman Gallery W139 Amsterdam '97

Punk Rock Punch-up ICA London '97

Pierogi Gallery New York '98

Globalization APT Gallery London '98

Air Guitar Manchester '03

Radio Radio London 04'

Tuppholme Abbey Lincoln '04


Recorded Work - The Ken Ardley Playboys

'Couldn't Get Ahead' compilation CD '94

'That's It' Vinyl single Lucky Garage Records '94'

'Anyfing 2 Be Famus' Vinyl single Lucky Garage Records '95

'We've Got Ken CD' Album Lucky Garage Records '96

'Bring Your Own Walkman' compilation CD '97'

'Underwood Audio' compilation CD '98

'City Of Westminster' Album. Boss Tuneage 546. '01