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Mrs Billingham

A Love Song

(chords available on request)

Chorus (slow)

Hey Mrs Billingham I'm in love with you

From your greasy hair to your Popeye tattoo

From the curve of your spine to the swell of your belly

Your broken veins like purple vermicelli

And I love you, yes I love you

At least I think I do


Verse (fast)

You cheer me up when I'm feeling depressed

You help me get things of my chest

Like the gravy dribbled down my vest

I lay my head on your pendulous breasts




You make me laugh watching Top Of The Pops

Dancing round the room in your pink flip-flops

I carry your bag when we go to the shops

We always buy my favourite

Peas and pork chops




Hey Mrs Billingham I want you to know

I really like living in your bungalow

And lying here on the bathroom lino

I wonder would I love you if I wasn't a wino


Print this page and then the other song sheets starting with 'Your Face' . Next, staple them together between two pieces of cardboard and on the front write 'Vic's Songbook' (£8.95)

There, that's stolen a march on Tin-Pan Alley.