Let's get forging!



Often it can take attention from the media or the influence of an important person to get corporations and authorities to give serious consideration to your grievances. Rectify the situation by using this genuine copy of Tony Blair's signature (download it as a jpeg and stick it on the end of your letter) to add gravitas to your correspondence. The marvellous thing about todays technology is that it gives everyone the skill to do what only a minority could have achieved previously; but there are one or two hurdles to overcome. If you require a reply you may need to insert a sentence such as this: 'please do not reply to No.10 as I am staying with my brother at the above adress'. Don't do anything irresponsible! I have received a threat of exposure to the authorities over my car tax dodge as it is.

Later in this series: Headed notepaper from Windsor Castle with the signature of the Queen's Lady in Waiting 'Susan Hussey'