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Just before his death, John had started work on the script for a new Beatles film to accompany their reformation tour.As you would expect, it was to be a musical .Below is all that exists of this work apart from the embryonic song 'Lying' which was to have featured in the film.



John is lying against a grassy clump at the top of the beach, his head resting on a bedding roll. Behind him, on the rusty wires slung between concrete posts, tattered underpants and tee-shirts are carelessly hung to dry. The shadow of an approaching figure is cast across John's face; the camera looks up to see Ringo silhouetted in the sunlight, his arms holding out four crumpled boxes oozing a snot-like substance.

Ringo: How hungry are you. I've got four large lemon cheesecakes. Thank god for sell-by dates, eh? I only just beat the bin men.

John: No thanks, my guts are still a bit gippy after those spuds last night.

Ringo: I thought boiling them in sea water would be the healthy option, salted by nature.

John: Well maybe a bit further from the sewage outlet would have been a good idea

Ringo: Doesn't scrumpy kill germs?

The camera pans round and zooms in on George who is sitting on a rock at the waters edge. As the camera turns and comes in closer we can see that george is holding a ukulele and the erratic plunking of 'Strawberry Fayre' becomes louder. Out of shot, John and Ringo continue there conversation.

John: Where's Paul?

Ringo: Gone to meet that girl from the photography shop.

Cut to a parade of small Georgian shops raised above the high-street of a seaside market town in Cornwall. Where the pavement drops down to the road there are railings against which slouches a man rolling a cigarette. he is dressed in turned- up jeans and moccasins and his chest is bare beneath a pinstripe waistcoat. After lighting the roll-up he strolls across the pavement and presses his face to the glass of the shop window causing the tip of the cigarette to fall on his chest. As he leaps from foot to foot whilst slapping his torso a young woman emerges from the shop.

Woman: Stop mucking about, youre embarassing me.

Paul: You're late today.

Woman: Yeah, Mr Epsteins in a bit of a tizz. They're opening a Snappy Snaps further up the high-street. Mum and Dad have gone bowling, come home and I'll make us beans on toast.

Paul: I hope there's time for a big portion!





Tragically it was at this point that John nipped out for dinner, never to return.