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...WITH THE MAN who sEES.....
So the new domain titles are coming in are they? So says matey down the road with the 'Let It Be' lyrics embroidered on his socks .  Dot name, dot aero, dot museum, dot info.......... He reckons that dot biz will be the new dot com, whatever significance that is. When I was at school 'biz' was a euphemism for shit as in 'your new shirt is biz' or 'your mum stinks of biz' or 'computers? The're biz ' (not that we knew what they were).
 I've never really pondered the origins 
of 'biz' but if I had to hazard a guess, 
I'd say it was derived from the  name of
the german battleship  Bismarck and the term 'skidmark'
A skidmark should need no explanation, it is what posh kids called a 'poo stripe' proving that class was no barrier to having a smear of shit on your gusset. Fat kids had the worst ones. I blame that shiny bogpaper. Presumably  it was decided that 'biz' was german for 'skid' and 'mark' was the common denominator and that stuck ,so to speak. Anyway, I digress. The point is that I, my classmates, and maybe another few thousand people would snigger at the idea of anyone aspiring to be a dot biz.
And how many women will aspire to being  a 'dot pro' for the same puerile reasoning.Which leaves you with 'dot name'  or 'dot something' or  'dot anything', 'dot thingy' or 'dot tosspot'. Mr Beatlesocks says it's the new Klondyke and everyone must rush to register something or they will be left behind in the info-highway services to play Space Invaders  for eternity Down at the gallery they were hoping for dot art after being shamed into doing something by that Nick Crowe bloke. So maybe I'm a  dullard or a dotard but until my dotage  I think I'll just stay a 'dot fuck-all' and let them  get on with it.