Here is the winning entry to last weeks 'Look At Life' caption competition. Mr Jan Ackerman of Rotterdam will receive a piece of flex with a plug on it ( fuse supplied seperately) by return of post.

File under : philosophy

...WITH THE MAN who sEES.....
My wife bought some toothpaste and deodorant the other day. It was shrink wrapped in thick plastic. 'Why do they make these bloody things so hard to open' she asked me, clawing desperately at the packaging.
I told her it was so old people couldn't use them - they're supposed to smell of piss.Even in the supermarket, if it was too easy to open an old man might furtively rub it on his scrotum Then, when you got home and took the top off to smell the scent, the dog might run in and jostle you causing the tip to touch your lips and then I might kiss you and....

'Is this the same dog that sits licking it's arse all day until you come home and let it lick you all over the face?' She said

'If lifes a choice between scrotum rind and dogshit then it's a fucking sad world' I told her 'And your a fucking sad bastard' she replied I came out here for a ciggy and now she's locked the door.