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 Fare Dodging
Anyone who has been older than five will have at least contemplated  travelling by public transport and not paying the fare. It's the thin line between stealing something and just not paying for it. I spent most of my youth developing fare dodging scams, usually out of necessity.,and I still enjoy a good one. With  todays technology it seems harder than ever to beat the system and most dodges seem to be little more than desperate acts of bravado, like the bloke with a pink boxtop .
 He was using a pushchair to barge  his way through the barrier and keep the collector from examining his ticket, "What you wannit  for? It's a return" the bloke shouted. "Fiddler" said the collector meekly as the bloke strode off But I saw a really  audacious and cunning  attempt recently on a train from Manchester to Pembroke. In addition to overhead luggage racks, each carriage had a tier of racks at either end A slightly built chap with the sallow skin of a ginger haired person got on at Swansea and took an aisle seat  in front of the tiered racks.Two things were odd; (apart from him not choosing the window seat ) he put his bag behind him on the rack instead of the adjacent seat and he was constantly glancing the length of the carriage
About half way to Cardiff he suddenly got up ,opened his backpack and took out a long green nylon holdall, the sort you might store a tent in, and laid it out on the bottom luggage rack. He sat down on it, tucking his feet into one end before squeezing the rest of his body inside and  zipping it over his head At that moment the door at the far end of the compartment opened and I heard the familiar call of  'tickets please'. The body in the bag was taking a big risk that nobody would grass him up, even though the carriage was fairly empty But then I thought no. We love the little guy, the underdog who outsmarts the faceless beaurocrats . We admire wit and ingenuity. "Do I change at Tenby, came a voice from behind " and did you know there's a bloke in that green bag? "