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...WITH THE MAN who sEES.....
I'ts a bit of a misnomer isn't it? You can train the physical side but you can't educate it. I suppose if it was called training the teachers would get the hump about being thought too thick to teach a proper subject. Mind you, my education was pretty physical When I started school our form teacher kept a black stick with white ends, 'Sooty's Magic Wand' he called it. If your knuckles were too swollen for another whack he also kept a size twelve plimsoll in his drawer.
He was a small man , no bigger than Picasso but  a wiry little pervert. " Been drawing  Mickey Mouse on a steamed up window?  Dropped a bus ticket on the ground?. Bend over and I'll teach you to be taller than I was at the age of seven. Luckily the normal people who drifted into teaching acted as a check on those warped individuals who chose it as a career; but even they were no match for the average PE teacher. The  one who took us for PE was the best friend of the form teacher and most lunchtimes they would enjoy a mutual 'wacking and wanking' session behind locked doors after which they would  supervise 'changing for football'.
I remember the teacher running on to the pitch once and kicking a lad up the arse for not chasing the ball quick enough. His dad saw the bruise and physically educated the teacher not to kick small boys.  In my third year at secondary school we had all lined up for assembly when a bloke strode in and physically educated  the maths teacher. It was the happiest day of my school life. Of course it's all different nowadays. Today, apart from the odd rotten apple they're a decent bunch and the most they can get away with is boasting and a bit of humiliation; but even so,  when I see it in the papers or hear it on the news, I can't find it in my heart to totally condemn physical education for teachers.