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...WITH THE MAN who sEES.....
It was good to get back to the gallery this week. This guy Brian who stood in for me , well we decided to keep him on. He's got a tattoo I know the old mid-life crisis often makes a bloke buy a motorbike or an electric guitar but maybe a tattoo is the other thing. But that is not strictly fair in Brian's case
His wife died a couple of years ago and he took this photo of her that he particularly liked to the tattoo parlour, a sort of tribute thing. But someone in the art world should know there is a world of difference between a tattooist and a portrait painter Brian got the impression things weren't going too well before your man with the inks confessed to making a bit of a balls-up.
So Brian says "Can you turn it into something your familiar with, I don't mind as long as it looks like a proper tattoo". Thats how he ended up with a chimp. Right in the middle of his chest, this big chimp. He doesn't do a lot of sunbathing Obviously I never met his wife, but those who did say that, at a certain angle, you can still see a resemblance