Front Page

An unprecedented number of enquiries have been received regarding the picture below which you may recognise as being in the background of the front page picture this month. I suspect that most enquiries originate from vegetarians who hastily avert their gaze from the quivering pink tower and become transfixed by the hypnotic gaze of 'Benjie' . It may also be in part due to the current vogue for 'folkart' as displayed in Jim Whatsits collection currently on display at the ICA (something the DDTC did ten years ago). And then of course there is, or was, the 'Intelligence' show at Tate Britain with Jeremy Dellars collection of other peoples trashy art - and then there's dear old Eddie Breen the self styled fleamarket 'piggyback artist' whose work the Club has recently introduced to the British public (and in our opinion one of the finest artists alive today).



'Benjie' by Gladys Baillie of London SW16

30cm x 450cm . Oil on canvas. For sale to the highest bidder (as long as it isn't Eddie).