Following last week's Benjie item, we have been inundated with requests, bribes and in one instance a blackmai threat, from other poodle owners asking us to arrange a 'laison' with Benjie so that their mutt can get a good stuffing. I took the pictures round to Gladys and she showed them to Benjie. Now I'm new to the breeders ways and those of husbandry in general, and I must admit to being slightly uncomfortable with the overt excitement with which owners seem to relish their 'best friends' congress; especially when displayed by the sort of ageing spinster who keeps a plant stand in her hallway. Nevertheless I stood patiently while Gladys showed Benjie the pictures, glancing anxiously at his groin. Eventually the lipstick popped out of the tube for' Princess', the Liz Hurley of the poodle world, and not a bad choice either. Here she is:


Having declined ringside seats for the preliminary sniffathon and the anticipated 'tupping', and declined the offer of a pup, the Club has instead accepted an introduction fee; this pimping will pay for a slide scanner which will not only enable completion of the Art section but should keep us at the forefront of the Web Design business. Also we can add 'Dog Breeding Consultancy' to our operational list (look out Richard Branson).