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Teach Yoursel Oil on Canvas

Six easy steps
"I'm going to start by covering the blank canvas with paint to get rid of the white. I'm going to use the same colours that Monet used and some of the same techniques, but I'll adapt them to my own style. I'm having a bit of a problem with my ear, it's just too far over to the right. Still, one of the great things about oil painting is you can do this (wipes ear away with cloth). Isn't that an awful thing to do? It makes you feel absolutely sick inside, but unless you do it, the thing is going to be wrong for ever and a day. "My next approach is to get some turps on a rag and lift some of those water lillies out. The first one is right underneath the bridge, a great chunk of greenery reflecting the light from the sky above..Sounds weird but there it is, halfway between the chin and the top of the head is where the eye line is going to be
"Monet liked his long handled brushes. He didn't use a lot of linseed oil to mix with the paint, because he liked to use dry paint to get the reflections in the water. If this view looks a little bit familiar, it's because Claude Monet painted this bridge at least 24 times in all seasons and at all times of the day. Maybe you're wondering why I'm not wearing my glasses? I wanted to be able to see exactly what the eyes were doing and with glasses on, you get reflections and you can never see them properly, so I've left them off. Monet painted whileVan Gogh was restless, ever moving. In his 37 years of life he lived in 38 different places. Never still for a minute. People feel that this is echoed in these swirling backgrounds that he does.Th e same things again and again, because for him the effect of light was the subject and he loved to paint it in all its forms. It was extraordinarily difficult painting this today, because the rain came belting down and I thought I'd lost it all. .Van Gogh himself said that knowing yourself isn't easy and painting yourself isn't any easier. You know I've done a few self portraits in my time, but I'm happiest with this one, thrilled to bits that I tackled it in this way and the best thing is I had the nerve to actually take that ear out and re-do it. Hope you like it."