A cornerstone of The Ding dong Twist Club is it's unique flair for catering. It's lavish spreads are based on two types of sandwich - the Spam and salad cream, and the Kraft cheese slice and brown sauce. The buffet is then augmented with Ritz crackers, pickled onions, boiled eggs, custard creams, jammy dodgers and is not complete without at least one plate of 'French Fancies" (preferably Mr Kipling). When the occasion requires it, a selection of pies may be available and on very special occasions, tinned mince on toast. Drinks served would normally be Thunderbird (blue label) with a selection of fruit flavoured Mad Dog or a super-lager and scrumpy Snakebite.

Famed for it's hospitality and generosity in putting on a good spread at not only it's own events but occasionally those of others, the catering wing of the Club was thrown into a state of disarray and felt personally affronted by the announcement that Heinz were to discontinue their production of salad cream. Mark Raine of the Heinz marketing division was contacted by myself on behalf of the clubs members and partly as a result of our exchange not only was a decision made to continue production but the club's advice has been sought on marketing strategy. As a result I am in a position to share two new posters with visitors to the site which may well never be available to the public.

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