A Tax Dodge





Print this tax disc and fill in the details of your vehicle then stick it in the windscreen (UK only).

It should get you around for a few weeks, it's got to be better than the label off a Guinness bottle

Ideal if you have no MOT or insurance

Having scanned my tax-disc into Photoshop and erased the details as an act of altruistic benevolence for those of you struggling to stay mobile, I went outside to put the disc back only to find that I had a sticker on the windscreen informing me that I had been reported for' failing to display a current tax-disc while keeping a vehicle on the public highway'. It was then I realised that what I had taken to be my key-ring was in fact a pocket of loose change, a small screwdriver and a stick of Juicy Fruit; at least I hadn't left the house in bare feet - something I'd vowed not to do since the last time when a large slug squidged between my toes like an over-ripe banana .As I walked to the nearest phone box it began to rain so having arranged for someone to come home and let me in I retired to the nearest pub to pass away the ensuing hours

I suppose it was inevitable. I clearly remember zipping the disc into an inside pocket but I didn't anticipate my jacket being stolen after I left it on the radiator to dry out (at least it wasn't there when I went back the next day).

Anyway, good job I set this page up because now I can print myself a new one .All's well that ends well, as I think I've said before.