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At a cost of two million pounds it has taken fifty detectives over a year to realise that the only way to see more of the wife and kids is to pin this murder on a hopeless retard. Barry Bulsari is the urban equivalent of the village idiot; every neighbourhood has one, dressed at the local charity shop in a baggy suit (lapels cluttered with badges) greasy baseball cap and trainers. They have obsessions with mundane celebrities like Freddy Mercury, Princess Diana, Gary Glitter and Jill Dando, their idea of fun is playing 'direct the traffic' and watching Oprah Winfrey. Unfortunately Bulsari (real name George, Michael) was the halfwit for Dando's neighbourhood and after eighty hours under a swinging lightbulb it looks like the Met's finest have got him to say he popped out and bought a Mauser automatic before blowing away the girl-next-door. God help us all. Donations please to'Barry Is Innocent' c/o VLAD @dingdongtwist.org.uk

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