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Look at Life?

Look at life with the man who sees oh yeah? And what does he see? His life and sometimes a bloke down the road. He knows nothing about anything because he is an old chubby fart. I know more about him than he knows about me because I've been through his rubbish. He says I smell of meatballs, well better to smell natural than like a tarts handbag. He hangs about on his balcony because his wife won't let him smoke indoors - wel l he should toss himself off. Spending all day in Hoxton drinking Lavazza and trying to impress artists, telling them he will give them a show so they buy him drinks, and offering to take them to art-fairs so he can get their clothes off- he is a disgrace. He is always talking about being a hippybut I know from talking to my brother that if he was there now in his suit and cufflinks he would be Norman Normal, a grey establishment prick.; that's why his page is grey and dull. He is jealous because I have colour and music and can make animated gifs. I have told Vic to sack him or I'm going it aloner. And It's no good him pushing his sleeves up to the elbows and thinking he looks like a rebel because he just looks like George Michael's dad - apart from anything else he has a shiny head. Well, Mr Knobreath, I have a message for you and it is this: Take your wild rocket salad with Tuscan dressing and stick it up your arse. Ha Ha!

(P.S. I have pissed in the tank of your Triumph Herald)

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