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Make Your Own Fruit Machine


What You will need:

3 round tins (biscuit)

Metal rod (approx 60cm)

Two piles of books (approx 15cm high)

Jar of small coins

A bowl

Rubber bands and parcel tape


Download and print out these fruit symbols. Now cut them out and stick them, evenly spaced, around the circumference of each tin. Drill a hole in the centre of each tin slightly larger than the rod diameter and thread the rod through the holes.As you put each tin on the rod wind a rubber band around the rod on either side to prevent excessive travel Balance the ends of the rod on the books so that the tins are above the table top, and secure with parcel tape. Your construction should resemble this diagram:


How To Play

Put a coin in the jar and spin the tins in turn and when the last one has stopped it will be apparent if three identical symbols are adjacent in a central line. If so, empty the jar into the bowl and then put the money in your pocket (go to the off-licence and buy some beers). If not, put another coin in the jar and spin again.

Advanced Play

Divide the mon ey in the jar into different sized piles of coins and allocate them to different combinations of symbols. 'Nudge' featureused at players discretion.