The T-shirt has long been a vehicle for statements of provocation; love, anger, abuse or solidarity with a cause. But in recent years it has degenerated into the art of the banal and expensive fashion statement.In the seventies Katherine Hamnett famously embarassed Margaret Thatcher at an introduction by wearing her own-label T-shirt bearing the phrase '74% Don't Want Pershing' - a reference to a missile which was never part of this country's arsenal anyway. Her heart was in the right place but her head was resting on the till.

Nowadays we are subjected to the vacuous and vain posturing of artists such as Toby Mott (a Tara Palmer-Tomkinson for the art world) who, having exploited his connection to the breast cancer awareness T-shirt campaign, has unveiled his new collection for Fenwicks. Almost as inane as his range of greetings cards.

But you don't have to be duped by this dope into paying thirty quid for a thirty bob garment just because it says 'war is silly' or 'I love people'. Buy a few cheap t-shirts and a magic marker and do your own. below are some slogans to get you started, but you'll never better 'Fuck Art - Let's Dance'