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More Pyromaniacal Art from 'The World Of Ding'



The following request was recently received from The Project Gallery in Dublin.

"For four weeks a small team led by artist Graham Parker will be resident in The Project Gallery in the heart of Temple Bar and will be undertaking a series of tasks in the area exploring the various elements which give it its shape - from the built environment to discreet conversations and actions.

We would like your help in suggesting a task for an individual or a small group to carry out in the city during that time. The resulting activity will be set alongside existing and newly commisioned artworks with 'Temple Bar' as a loose unifying theme and will be shown and developed in the Gallery."

The task set by the Club is detailed below.


Patrick Heron. Fourteen discs. 1963


Stage 1.

Choose a painting from the history of art which can be interpreted as blocks of colour - a Matisse or maybe a Vasarely or even a Morris Louis. Sketch the borders of the canvas on a wall using charcoal ( minimum dimension 2 metres ) and outline the areas of colour. Gather combustable materials of the relevant colours i.e. for a yellow area you might find a pillow case, a rubber glove, a chair etc manufactured in that colour Incinerate each colour collection and put the ashes in a labelled container with enough water to make a paste of brushable consistency.

When you have all the necessary 'colours' , fill in the relevant areas of the painting.

Pencil approximation of final result


Stage 2 (optional)

Video the process, burn the video tape and use the ashes to draw an image from the video next to the picture.

Stage 3 (optional)

Gather any stray ashes and put them in an envelope. Put them under your pillow and in the morning use them to write words next to the above that describe your sleep pattern. Additional stages may be added at the artist's discretion - burn your pillow case etc......