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BUILD YOUR OWN LAP-TOP COMPUTER FOR LESS THAN A FIVER (no technical knowledge required)


It is not always possible to visit this site when the urge takes you and you are away from home or the office. If you own a £1000 worth of miniaturised hardware and lug it around wherever you go then click on the back button now. The rest of you should complete the following instructions. Although this cheap and lightweight solution is primarily for use with this site, you will see how easily it may be adapted for browsing all kinds of information.


A copy of the Argos catalogue (free)

A copy of everything Magazine issue 3.4 ( £3.50)

Cardboard, glue and scissors

Sticky tape


Turn to page 570 of the Argos catalogue and cut out the picture of the TV screen with the water buffalo in it ( cut out the buffalo and throw it away); now turn to page 686 and cut out the computer keyboard.

You now need to take these pictures to the newsagent and enlarge them on the photocopier to the size of a laptop - about a 12" viewable screen. Stick each image to a piece of card and hinge them together with sticky tape.

Now here's the clever bit. Open everything Magazine at pages43/44 and you will be amazed to find a cornucopia of dingdong counter-culture.Tear the pages out and put to one side



By cutting a slot in the top and bottom of your screen you can now insert page 43 or 44 and by pulling the sheet of paper 'scroll' to any given position. Instead of using the back or forward buttons just change the sheet


Now that you have made your laptop, try your hand at webdesign. All you need is a pen and paper and you can even do it on the bus. Alternatively just turn any magazine or newspaper article into a website and 'browse' it wherever you are; instead of reading a paperpack why not tear out the pages and have your own ebook? The possibilities are endless as new technology advances.


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