Angela Crow: Rescued from the gutter



Angela was born in Yorkshire but I found her lying in a South London gutter - Hydethorpe Road to be exact, where 'Twattyboxer ' came to my attention. I can't say they fell from the same source , they were found days apart, but given the trucculence of the yellow-barrow men it is not impossible that they had previously shared some symbiotic relationship. At one point in her life she helped Richard Burton to raise funds for the Dylan Thomas plaque in Westminster Abbey and it is well known that both men shared pugilistic tendencies

Angela played Hilda in 'When The Wind Blows' and Doreen in Coronation Street but not Hilda in Coronation Street although she bears an uncanny resemblance to Mrs Ogden . Angela also played Mrs Birtles in'Grange Hill', a comprehensive school drama based on truancy, while she herself once played truant to get the part of Adele in Jayne Eyre. The Bronte's were of course from Yorkshire and so is Angela so all's well that ends well. But is it? Angela's very first TV role was opposite Peter O'Toole in 'The Laughing Woman'. Peter was of course a famous drunk and friend of dipsomaniac Jeffrey Barnard whom he later played the part of before his own death. Richard Burton and Dylan Thomas also liked a drop and although none of these fine examples of the cultural icon ended up in the gutter, Angela did.

As she says herself:-

t"heanbe h~ had ove,r 30,years experience in l~e~atre, Fi~s:,' ~. ,-~ :and. TV. -Her, ,roles and accents have: been many.and varied '~.~ ,'~Sbakespeare,.Audrey in 'As You Like It' and Maria , ' ~ . in ':Twel.ftfi 1,~ght' th 1~ in Ayckbourn's 'Absurd Person :' `- S~h~lar.. Jenny in ''Change for the Angel? with~Michaei (~.~Li~zie in Edna O'Brians 'A Paga'iti~',lace' ~at the ' , l~oyal Cour't Theatre where earl}er she wo'rked wižb~ ~n ~,e~llie,Qe ~Andež~,,n:ižl '5ik ~the Be~t'. inia x/,,, -, .. ~segsoh w~th l~yid i~liiwill ',he app'eared~'in s~e i i~ ~9 "