Famously, a chair can exist as the chair itself ,a photograph of the chair or a description of the chair; in every case it is a chair. The picture below reminded me of a cartoon by Kleiban (prolific throughout the sixties and seventies though now dead). I would like to show you the cartoon but I can't because I have lost his books or more likely insisted, in my enthusiasm, on lending them to indifferent people; but I shouldn't be to judgemental as my own house is crammed with crap books and records and I can't remember for the life of me where they came from. A web search for Kleiban has revealed nothing but the irrelevant dross you might expect so I shall have to rely on describing the cartoon in question. The pictures were taken from a car window as I was overtaking a bus and speeding towards a traffic bollard but one was clear enough to read. Here it is:-

The Cartoon.

A soiled mattreess is lying on the pavement under a brick wall and reclining on it is a scraggy naked female with a glazed expression.Standing over her, looking quizzical, is a portly middle- aged man in a suit. On the wall next to the mattress is a sign which reads: SEX. $5