Any fool knows that art and money are a heady mixture and that one precludes the other at least for the majority (please don't interpret this as some artist /garret gypsy romantic notion or I'll come round and pull liver out of your fridge). Money means patronage which inevitably leads to compromise and historically this has always been the case: the church commissioning endless madonnas and crucifixions and landed gentry demanding portraits of their misshapen inbred mutant families - no secret was made of buying the artist/artisans services.

Today things are more complicated and most money is from the purse of a public who could never agree on the worthiness of one lump of art over another; some of this money may be spent on a giant stainless steel toothpick for a round-about in Hartlepool , or a row of brick phone boxes for a shopping arcade in Kingston.Most of it will be spent on lavish receptions where local dignitaries will congratulate themselves for commisioning public art by quaffing huge amounts of champagne and inevitably end up in the toilets fucking or puking or both. ( I'm not criticising , mind, - I've ridden the gravy train to most locations).

How nice then that someone has decided to cash in and produce a brand champagne for just such occasions.