The London Institute, Millbank 26th July 2002 6pm


A public recording for 'Radio Radio' Curated by Mel Brimfield and Elaine Forde 'Radio Radio' is a twenty-four hour broadcast from the Anthony Wilkinson gallery, scheduled to air in January 2003. Artists, curators, writers, musicians and broadcasters will collaborate to make 'programmes'. The majority of submissions will correspond loosely to existing or generic radio formats (e.g. Desert Island Discs, The Evening Session, Thought For The Day, a breakfast show, a radio drama, etc). It is anticipated that 30 to 40 individual items will be commissioned for the schedule, as well as approximately 100 thirty second jingles for the 'station'. Projects currently under development involve (amongst many others) Liam Gillick, John Hegley, Ian Breakwell, Bob and Roberta Smith, Matt Wand, Jordan Baseman and Jessica Voorsanger. In addition, guest curators Artlab, Dominic Chennell (current director of the Forde gallery, Geneva) and Brian Conley (New York-based artist / pirate radio broadcaster) will each programme 2 hour slots. As an integral part of the project, several of the recordings will be staged as events some time in advance of the main broadcast. The disparity between the 'real' event and the edited radio version sets the context for the project, which aims to address in some way the peculiar specificity of the medium of radio. Events are programmed for a number of galleries - you are invited to the first of these, titled Tonight, Matthew, I'm going to be . . . David Bowie, to be held at the London Institute, Millbank (next to Tate Britain) on Friday, July 26th. Granada TV is responsible for 'Stars In Their Eyes' - it's a popular Saturday night show in the UK which features impersonators performing as famous pop vocalists. We have been able to contact three former contestants via the programme's production company - all three appeared as David Bowie. These performers will collaborate with artist / musicians to rework their perfected cover version impersonations of a number of Bowie classics, including 'Ashes To Ashes', 'Heroes' and 'Golden Years'. The Ken Ardley Playboys, Die Kunst and Paul Rooney are currently rehearsing for the performance. The necessary soundchecks, false starts and run-throughs will also be recorded as a potential part of the future broadcast.

As you see, it did all happen as planned - apart from the Playboys Bowie doing a runner; luckily each of the Bowies you see below knew one of our songs and were also game enough to duet on 'PabloPicasso' ( in the Bowie style of course) as an encore.