Dick Scum Recorded Live at the Ding Dong Twist Club's 'Inverlochie Bar'

with Rod Vomit on guitar, Nancy Acton on trombone, and the Ken Ardley Playboys on noisejunk

Limited edition CD

a 'shabbysound' production


One day, when The Ken Ardley Playboys were at the height of their Prog-Rock aspirations and had commandeered the Ding Dong Twist Club's 'Inverlochie Bar' for an afternoon of verbal recordings to be used as track links for the rock opera 'Life And Times Of Whitey Thompson', their self-indulgent posturing was brought to an abrupt halt by the shadow of a large foreboding figure. It was Dick Scum and his carrier bag of Superlager."D'you want some fuckin' shirts off or what" he cackled "me and Rod have been sent to straighten out you arty tossers and that's what we're fuckin' gonna do". With a flourish of the wrist Dick swept the raincoat from his shoulders and sent the Jack Daniels flying "fuck that, have a proper drink" he snarled, thrusting a tin of Tennents into every open hand "now, you lot have lost the plot so me and Rod are gonna give you a few pointers; join in when you're ready, like straight away". A mere five songs later Dick and Rod, job done, slunk into the gloom of the bar's cobbled alley, leaving the frenzied Playboys to leap around a bonfire of wigs and leotards whilst screeching the lyrics to 'Neat Neat Neat'.